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We’re currently rebuilding our website, as we take the company into a new direction. Pardon the caution tape & please wear a hardhat!

Sabras Software LLC is the legal entity under which a small group of professional software engineers provide solutions for their trusted clients on a full, part-time and per-project basis. It was established toward the end of 2008.

We have extensive experience developing and maintaining applications for large, fortune 500 companies; as well as many reputable small to medium businesses.

Sabras Software LLC is uniquely skilled to successfully deliver on the needs of it's clients!

At Sabras Software LLC we provide project based and part time software development. Since our establishment in 2008 we have acquired experience in building or recreating software for customers from large Fortune 500 companies; as well as many small to medium businesses.

Reaching the needs of our clients is pinnacle at Sabras. We attain this through achieving a thorough understanding of the business requirements of our partners & clients on their projects and going to the extent to understand their needs- these needs are often not written into those requirements, but in fact inspired are by the project. It is by taking that extra step of listening to our clients we have gained the trust of our customers and partners. Our staff then combines this project perspective with their impressive technical skills to achieve a winning result for our clients.

At Sabras we place an incredible amount of value on software craftsmanship. All code is not created equally and we understand that fact. Our strict development methods and high skill levels result in excellent performance and maintainability for our clients. Awareness of schedules and client needs are never forgotten in our management process. We build most of our clientele from business references on our prior projects we attain as a result of those practices.

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Jason Duncan

Owner / Chief Technologist
Phone: 937-672-2052

Michael Buda

Chief Technologist


Bespoke Software Development

We will work with you to design & develop, from the ground up, custom software to fit your specific needs; & built to the same level of quality we insist on for our own products. As part of this offering we will assist you with all aspects of the product delivery, including project management, branding, and QA. Client confidentiality is always respected. We bring our decades worth of combined experience & commitment to quality to work for you! Currently, we offer development on any combination of the following platforms: Java/JVM, Ruby/RoR, .NET, web applications, & mobile.

Products & Solutions

PrintOut Master

PrintOut Master is a Java-based software framework for setting up enterprise grade document generation; focusing on PDF & Postscript output.

PrintOut Master will be released by end of year 2015.


Yojimbomb is a general purposes metrics capture/persistence framework. It is non-domain specific and is designed to handle a wide variety of metrics. It is especially suitable for setting up centralized reporting of metrics in a distributed system.

Yojimbomb will be released by end of year 2015.

Open Source

Coll8: Java-8 compatible enhanced collections

Coll8 is an in-development library for Java 8+ which provides a number of general purpose helper/utility classes; as well as advanced/enhanced data structure & collection types. It is very similar in concept to better known frameworks such as Google Guava or Apache Commons Collections. However, unlike Guava or Commons Collections, Coll8 is fully API compatible with Java version 8+

Coll8 is still in active development; the initial release version should be ready by end of 2015. You can take a look at the un-finalized development work at github

SwapDMI: Lightweight, Customizable Data Modeling Interface for Ruby

SwapDMI is a very lightweight, general purpose data layer interface library for Ruby. It is intended to be a simple, straightforward framework to help build your own custom data integration code. It was originally developed for use with Ruby on Rails in cases where ActiveRecord was not a suitable choice for integrating with a remote data source; specifically RESTful web services which didn't fully follow pure/HATEOAS conventions. SwapDMI's name comes from it's ability to 'swap-out' multiple implementations of remote data source integration code; developers can use this feature to, for example, mock out a remote web service prior to that remote service being available.

SwapDMI is in active development, but we have several stable releases available at github

Those interested in working with Sabras Software LLC will find an environment in which the focus is on delivering a reliable and sustainable software project product to our customers. Our primary technology focus is on green field software development projects in progressive technologies. Employees will find coworkers with a high degree of expertise, professionalism, & complimentary skill sets.

We are currently not interested in hiring relationship managers, personnel managers, or those without a technical background. We are and plan to remain a small, technically focused organization. This focus on technology allows our communication to flow readily and collaboratively.

Technology and people are only part of the equation. Sustainable and reliable software is the result when those factors are joined with business need.

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